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Leadership Lessons from the ART of Improv - Nov 29 at 12pm CT

Leadership Lessons from the Art of Improv - Tuesday, Nov 29 at 12pm CT

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There are many skills effective leaders can build and develop, the reality is that day-to-day leadership is often unscripted.  Leaders need to be able to shift and respond quickly to unexpected situations and still keep our teams engaged and motivated.  In this 60 minute session, LFGSM Instructor Sarah Finch will share three lessons from the masters of quick response - improvisors - honed from her years working with the world famous Second City theatre! This is such an interesting session. You won't want to miss it! 

You'll learn how to: 

  • Lead with a "yes, and" mindset 
  • Listen like an improviser in order to save time when moving quickly
  • Increase your comfort level leading through uncertainty

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