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Webinar: Art of Delegating - Sept 22

"The Art of Delegating - An Essential Skill for Effective Leadership"

Thursday, September 22 | 12 - 12:45pm CT | Live via Zoom

The art of effective delegation not only makes you a better leader, but is a critical piece of developing a stronger, more engaged team. Whether you’re a first-time manager or a long-time leader, handing off a project to one of your team members can be stressful and challenging.

Join Nimesh Jhaveri, Business Leader Faculty® member, and seasoned LFGSM alumni – Steve Alavi, Sean Thakur, and Sidra Shakoor for a deep discussion on why delegation is so important to being an effective leader, why it can be such a challenging skill to master, and how you can become more comfortable delegating to others.

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