Order your Winter 2 books today!

Textbooks are available in the LFGSM Virtual Bookstore, www.bkstr.com.  Be sure to order your books as soon as possible to ensure you're prepared for the first day of class.


Finding Your Books

Courses in the LFGSM Bookstore are now sorted by discipline, with each course listed under its academic Division in the bookstore. You can find the division in your course ID number. For example, if you're in course COM 5120, your course is part of the Communications division:

There are 12 divisions:

ACC - Accounting   |   BUS- Business   |   CAP - Capstone   |   COM - Communications   |   DAT - Data Analysis   |   ECO - Economics   |   FIN - Finance   |   HRM - Human Resources   |   LDR - Leadership   |   MGT - Management   |   MKT - Marketing   |   STR - Strategy