LFGSM Career Services provides students and alumni the skills to manage the constant change and complexity of today's business world. We offer a variety of resources to meet you where you are and give you the tools required for continued career and personal growth.

To help students and alumni manage their careers, we offer:

  • Career management and job search tools via CareerBeam
  • Private job board via CareerBeam for current LFGSM students and alumni
  • Workshops and networking events to provide tools to prepare you for career growth
  • Personalized career coaching for those who have specific questions or require additional support

With the accelerated rate of change happening in organizations, individuals need to continuously nurture their careers so they can assume new roles quickly and confidently. LFGSM does not offer job placement; however, it is our belief that through careful planning, support and leveraging our student and alumni network, the next step in your career is within reach.

If you have questions about the above services or would like to schedule an appointment with a career coach, contact

Log into my.LFGSM for more information.